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Crack Stix


Crack Rite

Crack Rite Crack Stix offers a permanent pavement repair solution with an easy, three-step application using direct heat. Designed for both asphalt and concrete, these flexible, self-leveling sealants ensure a durable, water-tight seal that adapts to the expansion and contraction cycles of pavement.


  • Elastomeric compound

  • Easy to use with low labor costs

  • Melt-Away-Wrap keeps hands clean

  • Self-leveling, no tracking

  • Suitable for cracks 1/4” to 1”

  • Pliable and conforms to the shape of cracks

  • Permanent bond to crack sidewalls

  • Traffic ready in less than 20 minutes

  • Hot applied, gray, permanent "rope-like" filler

  • Meets ASTM C920-11 standards

  • 1000% elongation, hardness Shore A: 50

Sizes Available

  • 1-gallon pail

  • 2-gallon pail


  • 1/4" diameter: 225 ft

  • 1/2" diameter: 125 ft

Colors Available

  • Gray (for concrete or faded blacktop)

  • Black (previously available)


Crack Stix are designed to provide a permanent repair for pavement cracks and joints. These flexible, rubberized sealants are user-friendly and ready-to-use, requiring no mixing. They bond permanently to the sidewalls of cracks and joints, creating a 100% water-tight seal that remains flexible through seasonal changes.

Surface Preparation

  • Clean the crack with a screwdriver and whisk broom to remove all debris.

  • Ensure the crack is dry before application.


  • Clean it: Remove debris and ensure the crack is dry.

  • Pack it: Uncoil and cut the appropriate size stix, then pack into the crack with fingertip pressure. Use a screwdriver to press the stix into the crack approximately 1/16” to 1/8” below the pavement surface level.

  • Melt it: Use a propane torch to heat the stix, moving the flame back and forth in a slow, even motion. The stix will liquefy and create a permanent seal.

Additional Information:

  • Crack Stix can be re-liquefied at any time if necessary.

  • Avoid overheating adjacent surfaces to prevent discoloration and breakdown.

  • Store in a dry, cool place between 35-70 degrees.

  • Liquefied crack filler is extremely hot and should not be touched until completely cooled.

Pavement Sealer Price Inquiries

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