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Discover Titan's Powerliner 850 Series and Glass Bead Dispensers

The Titan Powerliner 850 series offers efficient and precise line striping for light-duty applications on athletic fields and small parking lots, with features like DirectLink™ Pressure Control and AutoOiler™ for hassle-free operation. Complement your striping projects with Titan's Glass Bead Dispensers, which ensure superior visibility and reflectivity of line markings across various surfaces. Achieve professional results with Titan's reliable and versatile striping equipment.


  • Lightweight and compact design for easy transport.

  • DirectLink™ Pressure Control for precise operation.

  • AutoOiler™ system for automatic pump lubrication.

  • Durable tires for smooth performance on various surfaces.

  • Adjustable front wheel for straight or free-wheel striping.

  • Compatible with multiple PowrLiner models.

  • Adjustable dispersion width for consistent bead application.

  • Removable gun for quick and easy stenciling.

  • High-pressure spraying capability for professional line quality.

  • Easy-to-use entry-level design ideal for contractors and maintenance personnel.

Image of Titan Powerliner 850 line striper featuring a lightweight, compact design with a 37.7cc 4-stroke engine, DirectLink™ Pressure Control, and AutoOiler™ system. The striper includes a red hose, a white bucket, and is mounted on durable tires for easy transportation.

Powerliner 850 Series

The PowrLiner 850 is an entry-level line striper designed for light, periodic-duty on athletic fields and small parking lots. It is lightweight, compact, and easy to transport, making it ideal for contractors, sports turf managers, and maintenance personnel.​


  • Lightweight and compact

  • DirectLink™ Pressure Control (100-3000 psi)

  • AutoOiler™ for lubrication

  • Removable gun for quick stenciling

  • Durable tires for smooth performance

  • Adjustable front wheel for straight or free-wheel striping


The PowrLiner 850 features a clutch-driven system for water-based products only. It includes a 37.7cc 4-stroke engine, with a maximum fluid pressure of 3000 psi. It is capable of handling a maximum tip size of 0.023" for field marking and 0.019" for traffic marking. The PowrLiner 850 is suitable for high-pressure spraying on smaller jobs and can be used on pavement, grass, and turf surfaces.

Image of Titan Glass Bead Dispenser system attached to a PowrLiner, showcasing its robust design with a large red engine, white hopper, and multiple hoses. This dispenser is designed for precise and consistent application of glass beads for enhanced visibility of line markings.

Glass Bead Dispensers

The Glass Bead Dispensers are designed to evenly distribute glass beads for enhanced visibility of line markings. These dispensers can be attached to various PowrLiner models.


  • Compatible with multiple PowrLiner models

  • Adjustable dispersion width

  • Ensures consistent and accurate application


These dispensers can be used with PowrLiner models such as 2850, 3500, 3500S, 4500, 4900XLT, 4950, 4955, 6900XLT, 6950, 6955, 8900XLT, 8950, 8955. They include kits with hoppers for different widths.

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