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Asphalt Banding Machine

Achieve a precise 3" banded finish over cracks with the Marshalltown Asphalt Banding Machine. This durable machine features a 4-gallon hopper and works seamlessly with both hot and cold crack sealants. Its reversible wear shoe extends the machine's life, ensuring long-term reliability. Fitted with 6" diameter steel disk wheels, it’s designed for ease of use and professional-grade results in pavement maintenance. Ideal for delivering a smooth, uniform finish every time!


  • Dispenses a uniform 3" branded finish up to ⅛" thick

  • Reversible wear shoe extends life by 3 times

  • 4-gallon hopper capacity

  • Suitable for hot or cold crack sealants

  • Fitted with 6" diameter steel disk wheels


  • Made of 14-gauge steel

  • Easy to operate and maintain

Replacement Bander Wear Plate

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  • Fits the Marshalltown Asphalt Banding Machine

  • Quick and easy to replace

  • Ensures a uniform 3" banded finish

Equipment Price Inquiries

Pricing on Brewer Coat Pavements Sealers and Seal Coating Specialty Products Available.

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