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Traffic Sealers

Explore our premier traffic sealants and marking solutions, designed for extreme durability and reliability. Discover how our top-quality products can enhance your pavement projects and withstand the toughest conditions.

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Brewer Cote of Arizona

This fast-drying modified latex paint has been extensively used in the Southwest by airports, contractors, and municipalities. Formulated for extreme weather conditions and high traffic, it forms a tough, durable, oil-resistant finish. It is recommended for both interior and exterior use on streets, parking lots, tennis courts, factory floors, and garages.

Two buckets of Crack Stix product.

Crack Rite

Crack Rite Crack Stix offer a permanent pavement repair solution with easy, three-step application using direct heat. Designed for both asphalt and concrete, these flexible, self-leveling sealants ensure a durable, water-tight seal that adapts to the expansion and contraction cycles of pavement.



QuikJoint Pavement Marker Adhesive is a hot melt adhesive designed for the placement of ceramic and plastic pavement markers on concrete and asphalt surfaces. It provides a strong, permanent bond that extends the life expectancy of the markers and minimizes damage to the pavement.

A collage of four images showing different uses of marking paint. The top left image shows blue and orange markings on asphalt. The top right image shows a person applying red paint to grass using a marking wand. The bottom left image shows blue markings on a sandy surface with a "Buried Water Line" flag. The bottom right image shows various colored markings on a paved surface. A gray banner across the middle reads, "For use in construction zones, athletic fields, excavation sites, highways, golf courses, surveying and more ...

Krylon Industrial

Krylon Industrial Quik-Mark Inverted Marking Paints are ideal for a variety of applications, including surveying, public utilities work, construction, asphalt, concrete, and grounds keeping. These paints provide bold, bright, and visible markings with convenient application features.

Equipment Rentals & Tools

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Airlessco Rev Tip is engineered for high-performance paint application, designed to work seamlessly with various airless paint sprayers. Its reversible tip design ensures easy clog clearing and consistent spray patterns, making it a reliable choice for professionals.

Image showing various Apex reflective and non-reflective pavement markers in different shapes and colors, and premium glass beads by Apex.

Apex Temporary Markers are designed for excellent performance in chip seal, slurry seal, or temporary delineation. They are built with a polyurethane body that has great bending memory, and the retroreflective tape is protected from oil and dirt by a clear plastic cover, ensuring durability and visibility.

Combined image featuring the Titan Powerliner 850 and Glass Bead Dispenser. The Titan logo is prominently displayed in the center, highlighting the brand's reliable and versatile striping equipment.

The Titan Powerliner 850 series offers efficient and precise line striping for light-duty applications on athletic fields and small parking lots, with features like DirectLink™ Pressure Control and AutoOiler™ for hassle-free operation. Complement your striping projects with Titan's Glass Bead Dispensers, which ensure superior visibility and reflectivity of line markings across various surfaces. Achieve professional results with Titan's reliable and versatile striping equipment.

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Efficiently tackle pavement maintenance with the Gingway Pour Pot 2 gal for precise crack sealant application, the high-performance P.A.T. (Propane, Air, Torch) Torch for effective cleaning and drying of cracks, and the versatile Marshalltown Pour Pots, perfect for hot or cold sealants with options for legs, wheels, or a long handle.

Traffic Sealers Price Inquiries

Pricing on Brewer Coat Pavements Sealers and Seal Coating Specialty Products Available.

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