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Pavement Repair

QuickPave Products

Pavement Joint Banding Sealant

QuikPave Products offers a range of pavement maintenance solutions designed to enhance efficiency and durability. Our featured products include QuikJoint, QuikSeam, QuikHold, and QuikFill. QuikJoint exemplifies our commitment to innovation with its quick-setting, easy-to-apply joint banding sealant system. This product ensures a permanent, waterproof bond that is long-lasting and economical, suitable for both concrete and asphalt surfaces. With QuikJoint, you can seal joints the same day you patch them, saving time and reducing the need for costly return visits. Brewer Cote of Arizona is the only authorized dealer for QuikPave Products, Inc., ensuring you receive genuine and high-quality products.


QuikJoint is designed to quickly overlay a joint the same day the patches are installed after clean-up. It is an elastic rubberized non-tracking asphaltic membrane tape that sets up quickly, requires minimal heat, and is simple to install. This product eliminates the need for return visits, making it cost-effective


  • Permanent Bond

  • Waterproof Joint

  • Sets up on cooling (10 minutes)

  • No Mess

  • Non-Tracking

  • Easy to Install

  • Economical

  • Can be used on Concrete or Asphalt

  • Long Lasting


QuikJoint consists of a bottom release paper liner, a middle layer of non-tracking, non-shrinking rubberized asphaltic membrane with a thickness of .93 mil, and a top layer of a 3-mil clear plastic liner. It complies with section ASTM D3405.

Additional Details

  • Roll Dimension: Widths- Standard 2”, 4”, 8” Wide, on a 9” nominal roll with a 3” diameter core.

  • Packaging: Rolls (50’) or Pails. Rolls per Pail: 2”/ 8 rolls, 4”/ 4 rolls, 8”/ 2 rolls.

  • Clean Up: Properly dispose of the bottom layer of release paper. Package and store unused portions of the roll in original containers in areas not exceeding 120° F​​.

Sizes Available

  • Length: 50 ft / roll

  • Thickness: 3.66”

Colors Available


Surface Preparation

Pavement must be clean, dry, and free of dust and other foreign materials. The pavement temperature should be 40° F.


Position QuikJoint over the pavement joint, remove the bottom paper layer, cold tack material to the surface, trim to the proper length, and apply heat. The heating source should be continually moved across the materials until the top plastic membrane is fired off and liquefaction occurs. Follow proper clothing and safety procedures at all times.


The most effective way of protecting pavement joints against water infiltration

Peel & Stick

  • Water Proof

  • Full Depth Seal

  • Increases Density

  • All In One Joint Sealer

  • Utility Cuts

  • Highways

  • Airports

  • New Construction

  • Overlays

Seam & Water Infiltration Sealants

Peel and stick on vertical and horizontal pavement surface​

Install by removing the release liner. Self-adhering to vertical pavement edge or surface cracks and joints prior to placement of hot mix.


Bituminous Pads for Traffic Control Devices, Reflectors, Speed Bumps and Temporary Signage

Peel & Stick

  • Adhesive Rubberized Asphalt

  • Apply Heat

  • No Mess

  • Easy to Install

  • Concrete or Blacktop

Additional Details

Anchor bituminous pads when concrete deck cannot be drilled

Install by peeling and sticking pads on pavement where traffic control signs, speed bumps, or reflectors is to be located: heat and bond.


Repair Cracks, Fatigued Surface, Low Spots and Pot Holes in pavement

Peel & Stick

  • Alligator Areas

  • Fatigued Surfaces

  • Cracks & Joints

  • Depressions

  • Pot Holes

Additional Details

Fill cracks and distressed pavement work area

Install QuikFill and over-seal with QuikSeam

Fill and brush material into cracks, fatigued, alligator, and low spots: heat then over seal with QuikJoint or QuikSeam

Pavement Repair Price Inquiries

Pricing on Brewer Coat Pavements Sealers and Seal Coating Specialty Products Available.

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