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Our Products

Discover Brewer Cote of Arizona's legacy in premium pavement maintenance. With 44 years of expertise, our products meet federal and state specifications, ensuring top-quality crack sealants, rejuvenators, sealers, and concrete repair solutions.

A freshly paved and painted parking lot with designated handicap parking spaces. The parking lot has bright yellow lines and symbols on a dark black surface. In the background, there are trees, a covered pavilion, and distant mountains under a partly cloudy sky.

Traffic Sealers

A group of construction workers paving a road using heavy machinery. One worker operates a paver while others smooth and prepare the surface. The scene is busy with workers in safety gear and equipment, including a large red vehicle in the foreground. The background includes greenery and a partially visible road.

Hot Pour Products

Close-up of a tool spreading a thick layer of black sealant or asphalt on a cracked concrete surface. The sealant is being applied to repair and smooth out the damaged area. The tool and the fresh layer of sealant contrast with the old, cracked concrete.

Concrete Repair

A construction worker in high-visibility clothing operating a crack sealing machine on a paved surface. The machine is connected to a hose, and there are orange traffic cones around the area. In the background, a red trailer and a beige industrial building can be seen under a blue sky.

Cleaning Products

A collage of four images showing different stages of pavement repair. The top left image shows hands peeling off a black patch from its backing. The top right image shows a person pressing the patch onto a road surface. The bottom left image shows a torch being used to heat the patch. The bottom right image shows the finished repair with the patch seamlessly integrated into the road.

Pavement Repair 

Close-up of a road surface showing the boundary between asphalt and concrete. The asphalt is on the left, dark and textured, while the concrete is on the right, light and smooth. A black sealant strip runs along the seam between the two surfaces, sealing the gap.

Cold Pour Products

Construction workers wearing orange safety vests and helmets spreading asphalt over a concrete surface. They are using rakes and shovels to evenly distribute the asphalt. In the background, there is construction equipment and materials on a dirt area.

All Equipment & Tools

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