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Cold Pour Products

Discover our premium range of cold pour products designed to meet all your pavement maintenance needs. Our top-of-the-line sealants, primers, and repair materials offer unmatched durability and performance, ensuring your surfaces remain protected and aesthetically pleasing. Explore the details below and find the perfect solution for your next project!

A view of a street intersection with visible traffic signal loops embedded in the asphalt. The loops are marked by darker lines, and a single white line runs down the center of the image. In the background, there are traffic lights, a small building, and a hill with vegetation under a clear sky.

Brewer Cote®

Brewer Cote® Inductive Cold Pour Loop Sealant is a one-component, pourable, sand and acrylic-modified asphalt emulsion used for sealing inductive wire loop slots in asphalt and Portland cement concrete. It is specially formulated for greater flexibility in both hot and cold climates, and it skins over quickly to form a waterproof barrier. This sealant meets and exceeds Federal and State specifications in Arizona and other states.

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Brewer Flex®

Brewer Flex® Cold Pour Crack Sealant is engineered with additional acrylic and plasticizers for maximum elongation and resiliency. It offers superior performance in both concrete and asphalt crack joints, making it ideal for those seeking long-lasting results.

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Brewer Cote®

Brewer Cote Tack Oil (CSS1H) is a high solids-slow setting asphalt emulsion formulated with additives and viscosity builders for optimal performance. It meets and exceeds ASTM D 977 standards.

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Brewer Cote®

Brewer Cote® Oil Spot Primer is formulated to enhance the adhesion of pavement sealers to stained asphalt surfaces. Its added ingredients improve penetration and provide additional future protection, making it ideal for use on parking lots, aprons, and driveways.

A collage showing two stages of asphalt repair. The top left image shows a severely damaged and cracked asphalt surface with a large pothole. The bottom left image shows the pothole filled and sealed with a shiny black coating. The right side of the collage shows a different section of pavement with a fresh brown sealant applied. The center features the Brewer Cote of Arizona logo.

Brewer Cote®

Brewer Cote® Rhino Hide is a heavy-duty, fast-drying, modified asphalt blend designed for serious crack repair, alligatoring, skin patching, and other high-demand pavement maintenance tasks. It is a blend of emulsified asphalt, clean aggregate modifiers, fiber, rubber, and drying agents, making it ideal for building up depressions, filling expansion joints, and wide cracks.

A collage showing various stages of pavement repair using UPM (Unique Paving Materials) products. The main image on the left shows a worker in a high-visibility vest using a tool to compact pavement material. The top right image shows workers applying the material from a truck. The bottom right image shows the pavement material being loaded from a machine. The UPM logo and the text "Permanent Pavement Repair Material" are prominently displayed in the center.

Unique Patching Material

UPM® Permanent Pavement Repair Material is a versatile, high-performance cold patch asphalt mix ideal for year-round use by municipalities, contractors, businesses, and homeowners. It is suitable for repairing roadways, parking lots, jogging and bicycle paths, driveways, and other asphalt and concrete pavements.

Equipment Rentals

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The Air Pump Spray Kit System 4, Model Number BC-APK-4, is a robust and versatile spray system designed for efficient application of various emulsions and sand-loaded materials. Equipped with a powerful 8 HP Honda engine and a 1” Nomad Dual Diaphragm Non-Freeze pump, this system ensures reliable performance in heavy-duty pavement maintenance tasks.

Product Category

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