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Cold Pour Products

Oil Spot Primer

Brewer Cote®

Brewer Cote® Oil Spot Primer is formulated to enhance the adhesion of pavement sealers to stained asphalt surfaces. Its added ingredients improve penetration and provide additional future protection, making it ideal for use on parking lots, aprons, and driveways.


  • Enhances adhesion of pavement sealers

  • Improved penetration

  • Provides added protection

  • Suitable for parking lots, aprons, and driveways

Sizes Available

  • 5-gallon pails (45 lbs.)

  • 55-gallon drums (480 lbs.)


Varies based on application and dilution.

Colors Available

  • Dark Brown when wet

  • Black when dry


Brewer Cote® Oil Spot Primer is a specially formulated latex acrylic primer designed to help pavement sealers adhere to stained asphalt surfaces. It penetrates deep into the surface, providing enhanced protection and ensuring long-lasting results.

Surface Preparation

Clean and dry the surface. Lightly torch and scrape off excess oil before applying the primer.

Mixing Procedures

Stir well before use. Dilute up to 100% with water.


  • Stir well before use.

  • Apply a thin coat.

  • Use a brush or garden-type sprayer for application.


Weather Limitations:

  • Apply on clean, dry surfaces.

  • Ensure the temperature does not drop below 50°F for at least 2 hours after application.

Drying Time:

Approximately 1 hour or less, depending on weather conditions.

Clean Up

  • Use water when the product is wet.

  • Use mineral spirits when the product is dry.

Physical Analysis

Test Description
Non-Volatiles %
Specific Gravity
No Cracking or Flaking
Resistance to Impact
No Chipping, Flaking or Cracking
Accelerated Weathering
No Deterioration

Pavement Sealer Price Inquiries

Pricing on Brewer Coat Pavements Sealers and Seal Coating Specialty Products Available.

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