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Roklin System Inc. Products

Discover Brewer Cote of Arizona's exclusive selection of Roklin products, including FloMix, FlexSet, PolyFlex DS, and BlakRok Aggregate. As Arizona's only authorized Roklin supplier, we provide cutting-edge, rapid-setting solutions for all your asphalt and concrete repair needs. Learn more about our innovative products and revolutionize your pavement maintenance today!

Brewer Cote of Arizona is the only authorized dealer of Roklin products in Arizona. We offer FloMix Asphalt Rapid Repair and PolyFlex DS – Black for efficient, durable asphalt repairs. FloMix provides quick-setting, long-lasting repairs, while PolyFlex DS – Black re-bonds cracks and protects surfaces. Both products ensure high performance and reliability for all your asphalt repair needs.


  • Rapid setting, easy to apply

  • Long-lasting and durable

  • Penetrates and re-bonds cracks

  • Waterproofs and protects

  • Fast curing

FloMix Asphalt Rapid Repair

FloMix combines polymers with treated aggregate for rapid, durable asphalt repair. Originally developed for military runway repair, it sets quickly and is three times stronger than concrete.

FlowMix Flowable Asphalt Repair Kit, including a large bucket of repair compound and two smaller containers labeled 'A Side' and 'B Side.' The kit is designed for easy and effective asphalt repair.


  • Rapid setting, easy to apply

  • Long-lasting and durable

  • Waterproof and chemical resistant

  • Safe, with no harmful fumes


Includes coated sand, "A" & "B" liquids, and high traction topping. Mixes quickly and sets without shrinkage.


  1. Clean surface

  2. Mix polymers and sand

  3. Apply FloMix

  4. Add topping sand

Sizes Available

  • 5-gallon kit

Colors Available

  • Pale amber (product liquid)

Mixing Procedures

  • Mix polymers and sand with a pail mixer or drill.

Surface Preparation

  • Clean stable, uncoated, dry surface.

Coverage Amount

  • Up to 0.6 cubic feet per 5-gallon kit with additional aggregate

PolyFlex DS – Black / Gray

PolyFlex DS is a versatile thin penetrating polymer designed to re-bond cracked and rutted asphalt or concrete. It is applied using either the Roklin Vari-Flo Polymer Dispensing System for asphalt or the Roklin Concrete Welder Polymer Low Pressure Dispensing System for concrete. PolyFlex DS restores the strength of the substrate by penetrating and re-bonding cracks, sealing surfaces to prevent further damage, and allowing for rapid repairs ready for traffic within 20 minutes.

PolyFlex DS Rapid Concrete & Asphalt Crack Repair kit includes a dual-cartridge filled with repair compound and an application gun. The kit is designed for quick and effective repair of concrete and asphalt cracks.

Surface Preparation

  • Remove loose and unsound material

  • Blow crack clean with dry compressed air

  • For large cracks, fill with 30 mesh or larger sand

Mixing Procedures

Co-reactive “A” and “B” components are transferred from containers through proportioning pumps (1:1 ratio) to the dispensing gun. The mixed material is then dispensed into repairs.


For best performance, install at ambient temperatures between 10°F to 100°F and material temperatures between 50°F to 75°F. Do not apply during rain or on wet surfaces. Always read the Material Safety Data and Installation Instructions before using the product.


  • Penetrates and re-bonds thin, wide, or deep cracks

  • Waterproofs and protects from freeze, thaw, or spalling

  • Smooths rough surfaces and restores traction

  • Solidifies in less than 5 minutes, ready for traffic in 20 minutes

  • Successful repairs in cold or hot weather

  • Non-flammable, low odor

  • Chemically resistant to acids, alkalis, salt, gasoline, diesel fuel, lubricating oils, and antifreeze


PolyFlex DS is available in black for asphalt and gray for concrete. This product re-bonds cracked surfaces, restores strength, and seals to prevent further deterioration. The polymer is applied using specialized dispensing systems, with large cracks filled with sand before being saturated with PolyFlex DS to form high-strength polymer concrete.


  1. Large Crack Repair: Remove loose material, blow clean, fill with sand, and flood with PolyFlex DS.

  2. Hairline Crack Repair: Blow out cracks with dry compressed air, flood with PolyFlex DS, and broadcast sand on cured liquid for a high traction surface.

  3. Spider Cracks: Shot blast or sand blast deck surface, flood with PolyFlex DS, and broadcast sand into the cured liquid.

  4. Restoring Traffic: Traffic can resume within 20 minutes of completion of work, reducing crew exposure to oncoming traffic.

Sizes Available

5 gal, 30 gal, 100 gal

Colors Available

  • Black (Asphalt)

  • Gray (Concrete)


PolyFlex DS is packaged in equal volumes of “A” and “B” components, available in 5 gal, 30 gal, and 100 gal kits. Shelf life is 12 months in unopened containers stored indoors.​

Coverage Amount

1 gal per 100 sq. ft.

3/8” BlakRok Aggregate

3/8” BlakRok Aggregate is coated with a patented polymer coating, enhancing its flowability and ease of installation. It significantly improves the mechanical properties and load-bearing capacity of the repair, delivering more product per kit.

A pile of black aggregate stones of various sizes, used for construction or road maintenance purposes. The stones have a shiny surface and are irregular in shape. The logo of Roklin Systems Incorporated is visible in the top right corner of the image.

Coverage Amount

1 gal per 100 sq. ft.


  • Patented polymer coating for enhanced flowability and ease of installation

  • Increases mechanical properties and load-bearing ability

  • Enhances product output from .4 c/f to >.6 c/f per 5g kit

  • Can be added directly into the pail after polymer and sand

  • Requires a minimum spall depth of ½” to utilize additional aggregate


3/8” BlakRok Aggregate, coated with a patented polymer, is designed to enhance the mechanical properties and load-bearing capacity of concrete repairs. It is suitable for adding directly into the pail after polymer and sand, requiring a minimum spall depth of ½”.

Surface Preparation

Ensure a minimum spall depth of ½” to utilize the additional aggregate​

Mixing Procedures

A motorized pail mixer is recommended to ensure good dispersion of polymers and aggregate.
Add up to 25 lbs of 3/8” BlakRok directly into the pail after polymer and sand.

FlexSet™ Concrete Repair

FlexSet™ Elastic Concrete combines polymers with a specially-treated aggregate to create a rapid setting, easy-to-apply, durable concrete repair. Developed for rapid runway repair for the U.S. Air Force, it has become an inexpensive alternative to traditional concrete restoration, offering flexibility to support heavy loads and withstand shock, vibration, and thermal movement.

A set of Roklin Systems Incorporated concrete repair products. The set includes a large white bucket labeled "FlexSet Polymeric Concrete Repair," two smaller bottles labeled "A Side" and "B Side," and a bag of aggregate material. The Roklin Systems logo is visible in the top right corner of the image.


  • Rapid setting and easy-to-apply

  • Long-lasting and durable

  • Developed for the U.S. Air Force as a rapid runway repair material

  • Supports heavy loading

  • Tolerates shock, vibration, and thermal movement

  • Inexpensive alternative to traditional concrete restoration


FlexSet™ Elastic Concrete is a flexible concrete comprised of elastic cement and coated silica quartz mix. It is designed for rapid and durable repairs, particularly useful for applications requiring flexibility and load-bearing capacity, such as interstate highways and bridges.

Surface Preparation

  • Remove loose and unsound material.

  • Sandblast or shot blast contaminated surfaces.

  • Clean and blow out cracks with dry compressed air.

  • Dry wet surfaces to prevent weak bonds and foaming.

Mixing Procedures

  1. Add 1/2 gallon of "A" to coated sand mix and mix thoroughly with a heavy-duty mixer for about 2 minutes.

  2. Add 1/2 gallon of "B" and mix thoroughly for 1 minute.

  3. The blend is pourable, with a working time of approximately 15 minutes at 75°F.

Sizes Available

  • 3 Gallon Pails Kit

  • 5 Gallon Pails Kit

  • 6 Gallon Pails Kit

Coverage Amount

Each 5-gallon container fills .4 cubic feet (691 cubic in.)
Coverage rates:

  • 1/8" thickness: 38.4 sq. ft.

  • 1/4" thickness: 19.2 sq. ft.

  • 3/8" thickness: 12.8 sq. ft.

  • 1/2" thickness: 9.6 sq. ft.

  • 5/8" thickness: 7.7 sq. ft.

  • 3/4" thickness: 6.4 sq. ft.

  • 7/8" thickness: 5.5 sq. ft.

  • 1" thickness: 4.8 sq. ft.


  1. Use a squeegee, spread, gauge-rake, or trowel to apply.

  2. Broadcast surface with topping sand.

  3. For deep repairs, FlexSet can be placed in lifts, topping each lift with aggregate.

  4. Install at temperatures between -25°C to 40°C (-14°F to 104°F).



  • Cure for a minimum of 1 hour at 75°F before subjecting to traffic.

  • At 55°F, a 4-hour cure is needed for open traffic.

  • Cold weather cure can be accelerated by keeping repair kits warm prior to application.

FlexSet Elastic Concrete is not a significant skin or eye irritant but can cause sensitization.
Gloves and safety glasses are required when handling.
Wash hands before eating, drinking, or smoking after handling the material.
First Aid:

  • Inhalation: Move to fresh air, provide artificial respiration if necessary, and seek medical attention if breathing is difficult.

  • Skin Contact: Wash with soap and water and remove contaminated clothing.

  • Eye Contact: Flush with water for at least 15 minutes and seek medical attention.

Spill or Leakage:

  • Absorb liquid spills of unmixed materials with sawdust or another absorbent.

  • Neutralize with a solution of 95% water, 5% ammonia, and 2% detergent.

  • Store open containers outdoors for at least 24 hours before disposal according to local, state, and federal regulations.

Concrete Welder

Concrete Welder is a highly effective concrete repair material designed for rapid and durable repairs. It bonds well with existing concrete surfaces, ensuring long-lasting and reliable repairs for various concrete structures.

A dual-cartridge container of Roklin Systems Incorporated's Concrete Welder Concrete Repair Kit. The label provides product details and instructions. The cartridges are separated into two chambers. The Roklin Systems logo is visible in the top right corner of the image.


  • Highly effective for concrete repairs

  • Rapid and durable

  • Bonds well with existing concrete surfaces

  • Suitable for various concrete structures


Concrete Welder is formulated to provide strong, durable repairs for concrete surfaces. Its excellent bonding properties make it a reliable choice for repairing cracks, holes, and other damage in concrete structures.


  • Includes one static mixer per cartridge.

  • Hand Operated Dual Cartridge Gun is not included.

  • Low-viscosity, fast-reacting urethane polymer, cures in minutes not hours.

  • It penetrates into small cracks and forms a high-strength adhesive bond.

  • Flows underneath crack or spall concrete and seal the base against further problems.

  • You can order additional static mixers here.


21oz. Cartridge Plus Gun Contains​



Vari-Flo Polymer Dispensing Machine

The Vari-Flo Polymer Dispensing Machine is designed for precise and efficient dispensing of polymer materials. It enhances the application process, ensuring consistent and accurate mixing and dispensing of polymers for various concrete repair projects.

A Roklin Systems Incorporated VariFlo Polymer Dispenser, featuring a central pneumatic compressor with a red tank labeled "100 PSI 1/3 HP 3 GAL" at the bottom. The dispenser includes various gauges, valves, and control components. The Roklin Systems logo is visible in the top right corner of the image.


  • Precise and efficient dispensing of polymer materials

  • Ensures consistent and accurate mixing

  • Enhances application process

  • Suitable for various concrete repair projects


The Vari-Flo Polymer Dispensing Machine is an advanced tool for applying polymer materials in concrete repair projects. It ensures precise and efficient mixing and dispensing, improving the quality and consistency of repairs.

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