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Concrete Repair Product's

Explore Brewer Cote of Arizona's exclusive range of high-performance asphalt and concrete repair products, including FloMix, FlexSet, PolyFlex DS, Steel-Crete, and BlakRok Aggregate. As Arizona's sole authorized Roklin supplier, we offer durable, fast-setting solutions that outlast traditional methods. Discover how our innovative products can transform your pavement maintenance needs today!

A collage of four images showing the process of applying a sealant to cracked concrete surfaces. The top left image shows a cracked concrete surface being prepared with a broom. The top right image shows a section of concrete covered with a fresh layer of black sealant. The bottom left image shows sealant being poured from a container onto the cracked surface. The bottom right image shows the sealant being spread with a tool. In the center, there is the logo of Brewer Cote of Arizona.

Brewer Cote of Arizona

This fast-drying modified latex paint has been extensively used in the Southwest by airports, contractors, and municipalities. Formulated for extreme weather conditions and high traffic, it forms a tough, durable, oil-resistant finish. It is recommended for both interior and exterior use on streets, parking lots, tennis courts, factory floors, and garages.

Close-up image of BlakRok Aggregate, a collection of black rocks used for various construction and repair applications. The rocks are irregularly shaped and vary in size.

Roklin System Inc.

Crack Rite Crack Stix offer a permanent pavement repair solution with easy, three-step application using direct heat. Designed for both asphalt and concrete, these flexible, self-leveling sealants ensure a durable, water-tight seal that adapts to the expansion and contraction cycles of pavement.

A set of Roklin Systems Incorporated concrete repair products. The set includes a large white bucket labeled "FlexSet Polymeric Concrete Repair," two smaller bottles labeled "A Side" and "B Side," and a bag of aggregate material. The Roklin Systems logo is visible in the top right corner of the image.

Roklin System Inc.

FlexSet™ Elastic Concrete combines polymers with a specially-treated aggregate to create a rapid setting, easy-to-apply, durable concrete repair. Developed for rapid runway repair for the U.S. Air Force, it has become an inexpensive alternative to traditional concrete restoration, offering flexibility to support heavy loads and withstand shock, vibration, and thermal movement.

A dual-cartridge container of Roklin Systems Incorporated's Concrete Welder Concrete Repair Kit. The label provides product details and instructions. The cartridges are separated into two chambers. The Roklin Systems logo is visible in the top right corner of the image.

Roklin System Inc.

Concrete Welder is a highly effective concrete repair material designed for rapid and durable repairs. It bonds well with existing concrete surfaces, ensuring long-lasting and reliable repairs for various concrete structures.

A dual-cartridge container of Roklin Systems Incorporated's PolyFlex DS Gray 10-Minute Concrete Repair Kit. The label includes instructions and product information, with a clear dividing line between the two chambers of the container. The Roklin Systems logo is visible in the top right corner of the image.

Roklin System Inc.

PolyFlex DS is a versatile thin penetrating polymer designed to re-bond cracked and rutted asphalt or concrete. It is applied using either the Roklin Vari-Flo Polymer Dispensing System for asphalt or the Roklin Concrete Welder Polymer Low Pressure Dispensing System for concrete. PolyFlex DS restores the strength of the substrate by penetrating and re-bonding cracks, sealing surfaces to prevent further damage, and allowing for rapid repairs ready for traffic within 20 minutes.

Equipment Rentals

VariFlo Polymer Dispenser.png

Designed for optimal sealer consistency, this robust hydraulic agitation system prevents the settling of solids, offering customizable controls and durable construction for efficient, long-lasting operation on any project.

Concrete Repair Products

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