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Cold Pour Products

Rhino Hide

Brewer Cote®

Brewer Cote® Rhino Hide is a heavy-duty, fast-drying, modified asphalt blend designed for serious crack repair, alligatoring, skin patching, and other high-demand pavement maintenance tasks. It is a blend of emulsified asphalt, clean aggregate modifiers, fiber, rubber, and drying agents, making it ideal for building up depressions, filling expansion joints, and wide cracks.


  • Heavy-duty repair capabilities

  • Fast drying

  • Suitable for alligatoring, skin patching, and serious crack repair

  • Can build up depressions and fill wide cracks and expansion joints

Sizes Available

  • 5-gallon pails

  • 55-gallon drums


  • 5 gallons cover 8 sq/ft at 1” thick

  • 96 linear feet at 1”x1”

Colors Available

Black when dry


Brewer Cote® Rhino Hide is engineered for high-performance pavement maintenance, offering a durable and fast-drying solution for a variety of asphalt repair needs. Its unique blend ensures excellent adhesion and longevity, making it perfect for alligatoring, skin patching, and filling wide cracks and depressions.

Surface Preparation

Ensure the surface is dry, clean, and free from loose material, dirt, and dust.

Mixing Procedures

Stir the product before use.

Clean Up

Use paint thinner or biodegradable solvents for cleaning.


  1. Pour/trowel Rhino Hide into alligator areas and work with a squeegee.

  2. For filling alligatored areas, pour and use a squeegee to feather in edges.

  3. For filling cracks, fill and scrape excess from the surface before setting using a V-shape squeegee.

  4. For filling "bird baths," apply in lifts of 1” depth maximum, allowing each lift to harden before applying seal coating.


Weather Limitations:

  • Do not apply if rain is expected.

  • Ensure the temperature does not drop below 55°F during application.

Drying Time:

  • ½” lifts: 4 hours

  • 1” lifts: 6-8 hours

  • Based on 77°F and 50% humidity

Special Notes:

  • Keep from freezing.

  • Do not store in direct sunlight or where temperatures exceed 100°F.

Pavement Sealer Price Inquiries

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