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Pavement Repair

SharpShot ® 30x60

Minierals Research Inc.

Sharpshot ® 30x60 is a versatile product used for various applications including ballast, artificial turf infill, and as a durable non-skid product. It is ideal for lightly corroded coatings and new steel surfaces due to its hardness and durability.


  • Provides ballast and keeps grass blades erect

  • Ideal for lightly corroded coatings and new steel

  • Durable non-skid product due to its hardness

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Blasting Adrasive

Sharpshot ® 30x60

is ideal for lightly Corroded Coatings and New Steel

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Artificial Turf Infill

Sharpshot ® 30x60

Provides Ballest and keeps Grass Blades Erect

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Road Projects

Sharpshot ® 30x60

a more Durable Non-Skid Product due to its Hardness

Pavement Repair Price Inquiries

Pricing on Brewer Coat Pavements Sealers and Seal Coating Specialty Products Available.

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