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     Brewer Cote of Arizona is your one-stop shop for pavement maintenance supplies.  We manufacture a wide variety of asphalt and concrete repair products.  To help you preserve, maintain, and repair your asphalt or concrete.  Our sealer protects asphalt pavements by effectively resisting the solvent action of fuels and lubricating products, the attacks of salts and chemicals, and the softening effects of water.  It preserves bituminous concrete by shielding it against drying, or the oxidation and decomposition caused by sunlight.  It also contains a special additive that provides better adhesion and longer wear.  All of our products meet ADOT specs.  We carry loop sealants as well and that is on the ADOT product approval list.


     Brewer Cote of Arizona also carries tools used to apply the sealcoats and crackfillers.  We also have jobsite trailers that we will bring to your location.  Along with those we have a sealcoat tank trailer and crackfiller melters that is available for rent.


     Our products are produced to the highest manufacturing and highest quality control standards in the industry.  


     Pavement is a major investment, just like any other building or construction project.  And just as a structure must be maintained to guarantee a maximum return on money spent, so must a parking lot or driveway.  When regular maintenance is sustained, asphalt pavement remains attractive and useful.  When it is neglected, it is a liability in terms of its value and its performance.



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